July 2017

LORD COPPER: Cobalt 27’s success rides on the bull wave, but what happens when the tide recedes?

Cobalt 27, now up and running with a share price of C$8.75 ($6.99) as of 14:51 London time on Wednesday July 26, gives an investment opportunity without the headache of cobalt’s traditional problems; namely, the geopolitical difficulties of mostly being mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the fact that it is (almost totally) a by-product metal.

HOTTER ON METALS: LME makes decent start at going for gold

Two new exchange-traded gold contracts launched on July 10, one in London and the other in Hong Kong. All things considered, they got off to a pretty decent start.

HOTTER ON METALS: Margin methodology in the clear

The London Metal Exchange and its clearing house are considering a transition to a different way of calculating their clearing methodology.

LORD COPPER: Norilsk and BASF lead the charge with battery material supply deal

Hot on the heels of the creation of Cobalt 27 comes another interesting development in the hottest segment of the metals business currently in the form of a memorandum of understanding between Norilsk Nickel and BASF.