March 2018

LORD COPPER: Trend-following algos likely to increase volatility til they gain ‘memory’ of markets

While the programming behind algorithmic trading is still in relative infancy, these computerized systems are more likely to increase volatility in metals trading than reduce it, Lord Copper muses.

LORD COPPER: Traders could hold the key to unlocking a lithium benchmark price

Would-be lithium traders could learn from the development of the copper concentrate pricing structure to open the battery raw material to greater pricing transparency and liquidity, Lord Copper suggests.

LORD COPPER: Corporations have the power to force cobalt supply chain reform

Lithium mostly hits the headlines in debate about increasing battery production, but it’s probably not presently the mineral that worries the industry most. That distinction likely goes to cobalt, for a few reasons.

Hydro declares force majeure at Alunorte alumina refinery

Hydro has declared force majeure at its Alunorte alumina refinery in Brazil’s northern state of Pará following an order by the country’s authorities to cut output by 50%.