April 2018

LORD COPPER: Writing on the wall for Deripaska despite change in US tone on Rusal sanctions

The US government's easing of sanctions on Rusal benefits the Russian aluminium producer's employees, US consumers of the metal - and any potential buyers of Oleg Deripaska's shareholding, writes Lord Copper.

EXPERT VIEW: RIBs could be a tasty morsel for the LME

While not exactly a “State-Of-The-Union” address this week, the London Metal Exchange’s Update Forum in London – open to all – was a useful pit-stop event on what is gearing up to be a busy few months in its unfolding Strategic Pathway.

LORD COPPER: 'Punishing' Russian sanctions could be felt far beyond Trump’s expectations

Trump’s import tariffs may have been welcomed by US manufacturing sectors for being supportive of domestic production, but the sanctions on Russia and Rusal-made aluminium could have far greater repercussions, Lord Copper muses.

EXPERT VIEW: Continued aluminium price strength case underlined by bullish traded options

The aluminium market has got an awful lot going for it as the stand-out metal on the London Metal Exchange, both in terms of price performance, at a six-year high near $2,370 per tonne, and record electronic outright turnovers which have been seen in excess of 30,000 lots daily.

HOTTER ON METALS - CESCO: Copper’s capacity conundrum

The challenge facing the world’s major copper miners is how to tread the fine line between keeping capital expenditure in check while bringing new capacity online to take advantage of future higher prices.

LORD COPPER: Electric cars are okay, but what about charging?

While hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) continue to grow in popularity, is there enough charging infrastructure to sustain the UK's electric dreams, Lord Copper asks.