June 2018

LORD COPPER: Governments risk scoring own goals if they treat EVs as a political football

Governments around the world are keen to prove their green credentials by announcing target dates for the end of sales of vehicles powered by internal combustion engine vehicles and their total replacement by electric ones.

LORD COPPER: Trump’s Dodd-Frank rollback could revive banking’s ‘hokey-cokey’ relationship with metals

“In out, in out, shake it all about” – not just a line from the Hokey Cokey, but a pretty accurate picture of the attitude of banks toward the metals (and general commodities) business during his career, Lord Copper reflects.

HOTTER ON METALS: Gécamines talks tough in DRC

Switzerland-based miner-trader Glencore has settled a dispute over its Kamoto Copper Co (KCC) operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Now it’s being singled out as a beacon of commitment to efforts by state-run mining company Gécamines to restructure its mining sector.

HOTTER ON METALS: Metal marketing becoming services game

Producing and then trading metal used to be the purview of just a few, with the supply chain more typically separated into silos and companies making occasional forays into different areas.