June 2020

HOTTER ON METALS: Mining’s bad reputation

The mining industry does a huge amount of good for local communities, to say nothing of its essential contribution to society through the materials it produces. Unfortunately, it all too often manages to give itself a bad name, worsening negative perceptions of the sector through accidents, spills and a failure to act as a steward of the environments in which it operates.

HOTTER ON METALS: Section 232 - The Revenge

The threat of Section 232 tariffs on aluminium imports from Canada into the United States has, like the great white shark following the Brody family in the universally panned film, ‘Jaws: The Revenge,’ returned - akin to a truly awful horror movie franchise.

HOTTER ON METALS: Shining a light on green aluminium

The London Metal Exchange recently reiterated its willingness to facilitate spot trading of low carbon aluminium.

HOTTER ON METALS: Section 232 and the Canadian aluminium 'surge'

Just over a year ago, US Section 232 tariffs against imports of aluminium from Canada were removed. Now there are calls to reintroduce them.