December 2014

WEEK AHEAD: Aluminium; copper; minor metals

The Christmas week is upon us and, as Lord Copper wrote last week, the markets are likely to be quiet.

WEEK IN BRIEF: The new Alcoa; hard times in ferro-chrome; bad news for brokers; after the TC/RC settlement

Metal Bulletin editor Alex Harrison reviews the news and price moves of the past week, when Metal Bulletin journalists started to look back on 2014 and forward to next year.

WEEK AHEAD: Minor metals

In cartoons there is always an unlucky character who, having run off a cliff, gets suspended in the air with his legs kicking wildly. Time seems to have stopped. Eventually, gravity sets in and the downfall ensues.

WEEK AHEAD: Ores and alloys

This week, high-carbon ferro-chrome suppliers will be reviewing their offer prices after Metal Bulletin’s price quotation dipped below $1.00 per lb for the first time since January.

WEEK AHEAD: Aluminium

After last week’s producer offers of main Japanese port (MJP) premiums of $435-440 for primary aluminium ingot in the first quarter of 2015, Japanese buyers will be looking to close deals this week.

WEEK AHEAD: Copper premiums in China

In-warehouse Shanghai premiums rose to $72 per tonne from $67 the previous week, as an average of Metal Bulletin's assessment, on traders buying from the comparatively cheap spot market to deliver from next month against higher-priced long-term contracts signed for 2015.

WEEK IN BRIEF: Glencore and Trafigura updates; Mercuria v Citi; base metal term talks; Fanya flipside

Metal Bulletin's editor Alex Harrison brings you the biggest news and price moves from the metal market over the past week.

WEEK AHEAD: Aluminium

Aluminium billet premiums fell last week in the wake of earlier falls in ingot premiums, as buyers become reluctant to commit towards the end of the year due to tightening spreads on the London Metal Exchange.

WEEK AHEAD: Noble alloys

Noble alloys markets are expected to remain relatively quiet over the next week as the year-end approaches and market participants focus more heavily on long-term business – but there are a few things that will need to be kept under scrutiny.

WEEK AHEAD: Minor metals

Many minor metals are likely to stay under pressure this week, as traders continue to liquidate stocks in China ahead of the New Year and as the outcome of the changes to trading rules on the Fanya Metals Exchange remains unclear.