September 2021

UK STEEL SCRAP WEEKLY: Price range widens upward on tight availability

The price range for light iron scrap in the UK widened upward during the week to Friday September 17, with major processors seeking to attract enough feedstock into their yards to keep their scrap-processing machines working cost-effectively, trade sources have said.

STEEL SCRAP WRAP: Prices diverge in key global markets

Global scrap prices diverged in the week to Friday September 17, with the Asian and US scrap markets reporting gains, while Turkey tried to recover the previous weeks’ losses in its most recent purchases.

SOUTH ASIA STEEL SCRAP: Trading subdued, price direction uncertain

Prices for shredded steel scrap imports into Pakistan erased gains made in the previous week on Friday September 17, while Indian scrap remained rangebound, sources told Fastmarkets.

DAILY STEEL SCRAP: Turkish mills continue to replenish their stocks despite weak steel sales

Turkish steel mills continued to replenish their scrap stocks at the end of the week with another deep-sea booking, taking the total to six, market participants told Fastmarkets on Friday September 17.

ASIA STEEL SCRAP DIGEST: South Korea priced out of deep-sea market amid Vietnam, Bangladesh deals

Steelmakers in South Korea have been priced out of the deep-sea scrap market following deals by mills in Vietnam and Bangladesh over the past week, sources told Fastmarkets on Friday September 17.

TAIWAN STEEL SCRAP: Port congestion in California restricts scrap exports

Growing congestion at southern California ports is disrupting loading and unloading activities, thereby restricting ferrous scrap shipments to Taiwan and further boosting prices, sources told Fastmarkets this week.

VIETNAM STEEL SCRAP: Demand surges amid stream of billet export orders

Demand for ferrous scrap imports among Vietnamese steelmakers surged in the week to Friday September 17 amid healthy order books for billet exports.

US aluminium scrap imports fall in July

Imports of aluminium scrap into the United States fell by 6.22% month on month to 62,949 short tons in July compared with 67,130 short tons the month prior after a rise in deliveries of used beverage cans (UBCs) was outweighed by a drop in volumes of industrial and other aluminium scrap, according to the latest data from the US Commerce Department.

US Cu scrap discounts fall, demand ramps up

Growing domestic and international demand for copper scrap has reduced discounts in the copper scrap market in the United States.

BANGLADESH STEEL SCRAP: Major mills avoid containers after recent bulk buys

The largest steelmakers in Bangladesh were largely out of the market for containers of steel scrap on Thursday September 16 following recent deep-sea cargo bookings, market participants have told Fastmarkets.