December 2021

Taiwan scrap prices continue to weaken amid slow downstream sales

Spot prices for imported containerized ferrous scrap in Taiwan continued on a downward trend this week amid poor downstream steel sales and other bearish indicators, such as thin demand for imported scrap in bellwether Turkey.

Vietnam abstains from bulk scrap purchases for almost 2 months

Vietnam has abstained from importing bulk ferrous scrap for almost two months now amid poor downstream demand and growing Covid-19 cases throughout the country.

EU yards likely to raise high-grade scrap output on rising EAF capacity, export restraints

Major scrapyards in the European Union are likely to focus on producing more higher-grade shredded steel scrap in the coming years amid growing local demand and possible restrictions on some exports of lower-grade materials, according to a leading EU recycler.

Turkish steel mills extend silence in deep-sea scrap market amid weak long steel sales

Turkish steel mills continued to stay away from deep-sea scrap imports due to sluggish finished long steel sales, market participants told Fastmarkets on Thursday December 16.

Bangladesh steel scrap import prices lose more ground in sluggish market

Slow demand for steel scrap in the Bangladesh import market has led to a further reduction in prices to the country over the past week, sources told Fastmarkets on Thursday December 16.

US ferrous scrap export market in holiday mode

The United States' ferrous scrap export market remains sluggish due to lackluster domestic and export demand for reinforcing bar amid traditional seasonal slowdowns.

Stainless scrap prices continue upward in US

The weekly processor prices for stainless steel scrap in the United States showed modest gains in both the 300- and 400-series grades, with sources pointing to brisk buying ahead of holiday shutdowns for delivery into processor yards in January for consumer sales in the new year.

Italian domestic ferrous scrap prices up in December

Italian domestic steel scrap prices increased in the month to December 14, supported by a combination of reduced supply and strong demand, sources told Fastmarkets.

Japan export steel scrap prices fall further amid weak overseas demand

A lack of demand from key overseas buyers, together with a cooling in local sentiment, has led to another price drop for Japanese steel scrap over the past week, sources told Fastmarkets on Wednesday December 15.

Turkish mills unable to book steel scrap amid sluggish long steel sales

The Turkish deep-sea scrap import market remained silent on Wednesday December 15 due to weak demand for finished long steel, sources told Fastmarkets.