October 2013

PRICING NOTICE: Proposed discontinuation of CIS-origin aluminium premium

Metal Bulletin proposes discontinuing the publication of the A7e MB free market CIS-origin aluminium premium, and assessing deals out of the CIS region alongside all other European metal.

Aluminium scrap will be a big issue for secondary smelters in 2014

UK secondary aluminium producers are preparing for a difficult scrap market in 2014, with tightness expected across international markets and no expectations of lower prices to come.


The following MB UK non-ferrous scrap and foundry ingot prices changed on Wednesday:

Scrap aluminium wheel prices dip 1 cent

Scrap aluminium wheel prices have weakened in October, with several suppliers noting that consumers are reducing purchasing activities in an effort to normalise inventory levels.

Some secondary aluminium alloys prices fluctuate

Prices for some secondary aluminium alloys fluctuated this week, as producers said that consumers had widened quotes in line with changing supply requirements.

Cathode premiums tick up as scrap tightness persists in Europe

Copper premiums ratcheted higher in Europe in the week to Friday October 25, as small volumes were sold as a replacement for scrap, market sources told Metal Bulletin.

European secondary Al prices entrenched ahead of 2014 deals

European secondary aluminium prices were stable on Friday October 25, with prices for ingot and scrap entrenched ahead of negotiations for 2014 supply.


The following MB non-ferrous European free market scrap prices changed on Friday:

China’s scrap supply gains range-bound improvement

Tight supply of copper scrap in China is gradually easing in the fourth quarter, supported by a steady rise in imports as customs checks ease.

Brazil´s aluminium imports up 13.5% year-on-year in September

Brazil´s aluminium imports rose by 13.5% year-on-year in September, on increased regional trade.