October 2021

US A380.1 alloy price soars to all-time high

Secondary alloy prices in the United States climbed again sharply on Thursday October 28, with strong demand, low supply and soaring raw material prices, especially for silicon, combining to drive transactions higher.

US mill-grade aluminium scrap prices drop, twitch up again

Mill-grade aluminium scrap prices declined week on week following decreases in primary aluminium prices on the London Metal Exchange, while the non-ferrous auto shred (twitch) price remained supported by solid export demand.

COPPER CONCS SNAPSHOT: TC/RCs tick up, smelter appetites return

Copper smelters returned to the spot market this week with treatment and refining charges (TC/RC) relatively stable.

UK STEEL SCRAP WEEKLY: Price narrows on strong domestic, export markets

The price of UK inter-merchant light-iron steel scrap narrowed on Friday October 29 with the domestic and export markets remaining strong, sources told Fastmarkets.

STEEL SCRAP WRAP: Global market moves vary as Asian pricing falters

Global ferrous scrap prices showed varying fortunes in the week ended Friday October 29, with Turkey, India and the United States all reporting stability or prices increases, while the markets in Taiwan, Vietnam and China all weakened.

SOUTH ASIA STEEL SCRAP: Prices keep rising despite freight concerns

Prices for shredded steel scrap imported into Pakistan and India increased on Friday October 29, despite concerns over rising freight costs, sources have told Fastmarkets.

DAILY STEEL SCRAP: Market inactive due to Turkish holiday

The Turkish deep-sea steel scrap import market was inactive on Friday October 29 due to the country’s Republic Day holiday, which began on Thursday afternoon and runs through Friday, sources told Fastmarkets.

ASIA STEEL SCRAP DIGEST: S Korea prices fall in new deals from Japan, US

South Korean steelmakers have purchased steel scrap cargoes at lower prices from the United States and Japan in recent days amid weakening market sentiment across Asia, market sources told Fastmarkets on Friday October 29.

VIETNAM STEEL SCRAP: Prices slip amid China plunge, weaker demand for billet

Spot prices for imported ferrous scrap into the key Vietnamese market slipped in the week to Friday October 29, on weakening sentiment caused by sharp losses in the ferrous complex in China, sources told Fastmarkets.

TAIWAN STEEL SCRAP: Prices retreat amid billet diversions, China production cuts

Spot prices for containerized steel scrap into key import market Taiwan started retreating from historical highs this week amid lower demand for steel billet and falling prices in Turkey.