September 2019

CME Group to launch Shanghai gold futures contracts in collaboration with SGE

The CME Group will launch two gold futures contracts on October 14 this year, pending regulatory approval, in a move that will see it begin to collaborate with the world’s largest physical gold exchange, the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE).

MORNING VIEW: LME base metals prices consolidate after recent rebounds, sentiment improved for now

What difference a few days makes, with base metals and broader, non-haven, markets looking considerably more upbeat recently, with copper prices on Thursday September 5 reaching levels last seen in early August - that after just two-days of gains. That said, the metals are consolidating this morning.

MORNING VIEW: LME base metals prices consolidate Wednesday’s solid gains, brighter outlook bodes well

The markets have been under steady pressure for so long that the combination of good news about Hong Kong, with the withdrawal of the extradition bill, and reports that high level US-China trade talks will resume in October, have been enough to lead a relief rally.

MORNING VIEW: Nickel, tin prices adjusting while other metals take cheer from reduced stress over Hong Kong

While lack of progress on United States-China trade talks remains ever present, the potential removal of the logjam over Hong Kong seems to be providing some cheer across markets.

MORNING VIEW: Metals prices consolidate, markets awaiting trade developments

Nickel remains in the spotlight because the market now has concrete news to adjust to and tin seems to be rising on nickel’s coattails, with Indonesia being the second largest producer of tin in the world.

PRICING NOTICE: Proposal to discontinue 5 precious metals prices

Fastmarkets proposes to discontinue five of its precious metals prices to focus attention on our core markets.

MORNING VIEW: Rising nickel prices, China stimulus provide boost to most base metals

While nickel is in the spotlight, the rest of the base metals are still being pulled and pushed by the combination of higher tariffs on US imports of Chinese goods and China’s plans to support its economy with further spending on infrastructure.