November 2019

MORNING VIEW: Most LME base metals prices on back foot while direction of trade talks remains uncertain

With confusing news over United States-China trade talks, the markets are unsettled this morning, Friday November 22; the path of least resistance for the metals is to the downside, but with prices already weak, support is being encountered.

MORNING VIEW: LME base metals prices mixed, risk sentiment weaker in line with increased trade tension

Discouraging news from China over the “phase one” trade deal with the United States has led to less risk appetite, which for now is affecting the broader markets more than the metals, which were broadly firmer on Thursday November 21.

MORNING VIEW: Metals fail to catch risk-on appetite seen in equities

While equity markets in the United States have pushed up to and are holding near record highs, the industrial metals are by comparison weak.

MORNING VIEW: Countertrend moves underway in base metals despite risk-on in equities

There are cross currents flowing through broader markets, risk-on is still evident in equities, base metals are generally pulling back in countertrend moves from the stronger tone seen in October and early November and there is some nervousness around judging by the pick-up in demand for havens in recent days.

MORNING VIEW: LME base metals prices under pressure after Trump threatens higher tariffs if deal not reached

Markets in general are under pressure following United States President Donald Trump’s speech at the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday November 12, where he failed to provide any reassurance that a trade deal had been reached with China; indeed, Trump even threatened that tariffs would be “raised very substantially” if a deal was not reached.

MORNING VIEW: Gold prices correct while market takes profits, as do nickel prices after Indonesia allows more ore exports

While investors and traders are still waiting for direction on China-United States trade talks, markets are reviewing their individual situations and adjusting accordingly.

MORNING VIEW: LME base metals prices weaker as hopes for trade deal face headwinds

Concerns that China-United States trade talks are not progressing as smoothly as hoped, with US President Donald Trump saying late last week that he had not agreed to roll back tariffs on imports from China, has dampened sentiment in the metals.

MORNING VIEW: LME base metals prices consolidate after Thursday’s show of strength

The flip-flip nature of headlines surrounding trade talks between China and the United States is calling the tune in the markets; there was initial weakness on news that a signing of a partial trade deal would be delayed, but markets then turned higher after it was announced that progress had been made with both sides agreeing to remove some tariffs.

MORNING VIEW: LME base metals prices weaker after signing of potential trade deal postponed

Reports from the United States that the signing of a partial trade deal with China may be delayed until December has deflated recent enthusiasm; a trade deal, or even a partial trade deal, is still illusive – this has been going on for 16 months now.

MORNING VIEW: LME base metals prices consolidate, waiting for more progress on trade deal

Broader markets were little changed this morning, Wednesday November 6, while participants await further news on the likelihood of a “phase one” trade deal between the United States and China.