May 2012

BIR CONVENTION: Scrap metal theft - how the industry can protect itself

Mark Beerlandt, ceo of Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) Belgium, sets out some of the ways in which the scrap and secondary material market can protect itself against fraud:

BIR CONVENTION: Scrap metal theft causes $1bn of losses in UK

Theft and fraud in the scrap metal industry caused £770 million ($1.2 billion) of losses in the UK alone in 2011, Robert Voss, md of Voss International, told Metal Bulletin.

BIR CONVENTION: Tom Martin casts gaze to East Asia

Scrap metal merchant and trader Tom Martin and Co will increase its focus on East Asia, commercial executive Anthony Douglas told Metal Bulletin.

Metalico plant refuses unsolicited scrap

Metalico Aluminum Recovery Inc. (MARI) has told its scrap suppliers that it will refuse to unload shipments that arrive at its Syracuse, N.Y., plant without an appointment, with some scrap industry figures saying that shippers "tend to take advantage."


The following MB UK non-ferrous scrap and foundry ingot prices changed on Wednesday:

BIR CONVENTION: Tough times ahead for Europe's secondary aluminium market

The European secondary aluminium industry is facing a crisis as material shortages reign, and more and more companies are faced with stoppages and cutbacks.

BIR CONVENTION: Europe must inspire public confidence to get back on track - Robert Voss

The only way out of the eurozone crisis will be to inspire confidence in the public in the possibility of economic recovery, Robert Voss, md of scrap and secondary metal dealer Voss International, told Metal Bulletin.

BIR CONVENTION: BMRA urges EC not to restrict recycled metal exports

The British Metal Recycling Association (BMRA) is working to prevent the European Commission from implementing restrictions on the export of recycled metals, Ian Hetherington, director general, said.

BIR CONVENTION: New scrap metal theft private member's bill to go before UK parliament

A new private member’s bill will be put forward in the UK parliament in June, proposing sweeping changes to legislation on the scrap metal trade, Ian Hetherington, director general of the British Metal Recycling Association (BMRA), told Metal Bulletin.

BIR CONVENTION: BMRA introduces metal recycling education to UK schools

The British Metal Recycling Association (BMRA) has introduced an education programme in UK schools on the importance of metal recycling, director general Ian Hetherington told Metal Bulletin.