Price Feeds

Metal Bulletin's Data Price Feeds allow you to access reliable metal prices that update automatically as soon as the reporting team release new data. Once our XML feed is integrated into your internal system or spreadsheet, data consumption, analysis and charting becomes seamless.

Whether you're creating customer contracts, in need of data as the basis for derivative contracts, valuing inventory, using data to analyse price trends, calculating NAV values and more, Metal Bulletin's Data Price Feeds will be a valued addition to your daily operations.

Access, integrate and manipulate our data with any software. Full support is provided to assist you with integration.

What prices are available?
We offer a selection of eight Data Price Feeds packages to suit your business needs. Click on each package name below to get a full list of all prices included.

Base Metals
Industrial Minerals
Minor Metals
Ores & Alloys
Precious Metals
Scrap (Ferrous and Non Ferrous)
Steel Raw Materials
- The All Metals Package (full access to all of the above packages)

How will a data price feed help me?
Completeness: Access to a comprehensive, real time Data Price Feed covering hundreds of metal prices
Accuracy: Eliminate human error caused during manual data entry
Compliance: Ensure you have the correct data licence to use within your organisation 
Efficiency: A consolidated data format delivered in a timely manner in a consumable form
Flexibility: Deployment is fully customisable
Consistency: Collaborative approach to using data, ensuring continuity 

What format can I get the data price feed in?
Data can be supplied through an API (application programming interface) or a raw data feed outside the API. The format of data supplied in the both options is XML. You can find a sample here. The former option is more secure and is the preferred method of delivery. On a case-by-case basis, we can also offer data in XLS/CSV format via FTP. Our prices are also available through major third party platforms such as Bloomberg. Thomson Reuters and Morningstar.

How can I incorporate this feed into my everyday workflow?
The data price feed is set up using an XML framework which means clients can access, integrate and manipulate our data using both standard independent software vendor and bespoke in-house applications and analytics. Most organisations with an IT team or a developer will be able to integrate this with relatively little effort. If you don't have any technical staff, we are able to provide support to enable integration.

If you wish to export, share, reference or trade using our price data, you will require a data licence. Click here to find out more.

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