January 2020

CIS PIG IRON: Falling scrap pressures price down

The price paid for pig iron exported from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) declined during the week to Thursday January 30 due to pressure from falling steel scrap market prices.

EUROPE ALLOY STEEL SURCHARGES: February values edge higher but March decreases expected

Monthly European alloy steel surcharges have increased slightly in January but there were already expectations in the market for decreases in March because of falling nickel costs, sources told Fastmarkets on Friday January 31.

POLAND REBAR: Domestic prices up on good demand

Polish domestic rebar prices moved up over the week due to improved demand, market sources told Fastmarkets on Friday, January 31.

IRON ORE DAILY: Market participants expect bearish outlook amid coronavirus outbreak [CORRECTED]

Seaborne iron ore prices were flat on Friday January 31 while the widespread coronavirus has cast a bearish outlook into the market.

TURKEY COATED FLAT STEEL: Export prices fall, demand moderate

Turkish export prices for hot-dipped galvanized coil (HDG) decreased in the week to Friday January 31, amid moderate demand, while domestic prices were stable, sources said.

TURKEY FLAT STEEL: Some prices fall, further price falls expected

Some Turkish flat steel prices fell in the week to Friday January 31, in response to weakening scrap prices.

Eurofer forecasts moderate consumption recovery in 2020

European steel association Eurofer forecasts a modest recovery in apparent steel consumption in 2020, with risks relating to import volumes, Eurofer said on January 30.

COKING COAL DAILY: Supply, coronavirus woes set to shape market

Seaborne coking coal prices ended the week flat on a muted market due to the absence of participants in China, though concerns over a possible tightening of Australian and Chinese supply have emerged.

EU registration of stainless HR steel from China, Taiwan and Indonesia implemented, retroactive duties possible later in 2020

Imports of hot-rolled stainless steel sheet and coil from China, Taiwan and Indonesia now need to be registered on entering the European Union and could be subject to retroactive duties later in the year.

ASIA FERROUS SCRAP: Virus fears, price drop keep buyers away

Buyers in the Asian ferrous scrap market are putting off purchases of imports amid fears over the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in China and news of transactions being concluded below prevailing levels involving cargoes sold to South Korea.